the one(s) where I was dying


hardware I attempted not to break: myself, crutches, xray, catscan, and mri machine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


These weeks are tbd. I decided to have a flare of my chronic diseases and didn't move from bed for about three weeks, when I learned I had managed to get stress fractures from all of the strenuous activity I had been doing laying in bed.

crutches and studio do not go well together

Hopefully one of these weeks I will come back to life and come back to these.

a few weeks later

End of semester update: I did not come back to life. I think I did the opposite. Whoops. I was not able to make up most of these, but here were my plans for doing so:

Week 6 (make something big): Between crutches+lungs that refuse to work, I was never able to do this. :( Which is sad, because I really wanted to. At the beginning of the semester I never bought a nightstand for my new apartment because I was going to make a combination nightstand/bookshelf this week. Now the space next to my bed is just empty.

Week 11 (input devices): This week would have been cool. I was going to try and get started working on my controllers for the final project. My plan was to make a capacitive controller that actually looks like a normal game controller. I had been looking at this page from Terence to see how this could work.

Week 13 (networking): Again, something that I was excited to do for my final project. I had been looking at first trying to do wired controllers just to make them work with the app that I had written during interfaces week, and then seeing about implementing them using wifi.

Week 15 (composites): Ahhhh I'm really sad I didn't get to do this week. This was one of the ones I was looking forward to the most. I like knitting, sewing, wool felting, and generally making things out of fabric, so this week would have been awesome. I was going to try to make a hanging combination jewelry/makeup organizer, but I ended up not wanting to expose my lungs to the fumes from the resins.