group assignment:
produce test coupons for your composite fabrication process(es)

individual assignment:
read the safety data sheet (SDS) and technical data sheet (TDS) for the resins that you're using
design and fabricate a 3D mold (~ft2) and produce a fiber composite part in it, with resin infusion and compaction

This week, I decided to make coasters with Alexandre, Max, and Natalie. The first step was to CAD the piece.

The design was very simple.

The next step was to mill it

The vectorization process actually took a really long time. And the milling process took forever. We considered stopping it, but it was too late. We should have put the mill on a faster setting though.

We cut laser cut the burlap pieces into circles.

We forgot to put the aluminum foil over the mold before we sprayed it. Turns out this was really bad and it begin to eat away at the material. The mold actually increased in size. We continued on.

We actually pressed them altogether the old-fashioned way.

It turned out okay.