Since I want to make wearable technology for my final project, I used this week to expermiment with molding and casting fabrics. The idea is to use silicon, that is not onle transparent but also allows one to cast electrons inside of it, while creating a pattern that makes it flexible and adjustable to the body. The final product was not a success but tought me a lot about how I can use those techniques to create the desired fabrics.

Casting Fabrics

Drawing of the desired final product in 3d using Rhino. The goal is to have electronics within each of the extrusions and creating a pattern that is making the casting flexible.
Shopbot creating the mold by cutting into wax.
It took a total of 4 hours for completion! And during the process the wax melted and ruined the mold. The reason for this fail was because my openings where too deep and too small so the wax couldn't ecape.
It took an other hour to clean the mold. I also used a heat gun to polish it.
Silicon is being added into the mold and left for 2 hours to dry.
Final, flexible, molded and casted fabric. If i decide to use this technique for my final project I would use transparent Silicon that additionally to being more aesthetically pleasent is also more durable so the layers can be thinner.