To be honest, I didn't really have anything to make for composite week. When I found a pencil holder, I thought that this would be a nice thing to have and decided to composite it. I started by cutting the fiber to fit around the pencil holder. Unfortunately because the pencil case was circular, I had a hard time making the fiber flat against the pencil holder. I cut out three cross like pieces to go over my pencil holder.

I wrapped the pencil holder in plastic wrap as a boundry layer. Afterwards I epoxyed the fiber and placed in on the pencil holder.

I wrapped a breather layer around the expoy and fiber before wrapping a breather layer.

After adding a final layer of plastic wrap, I vaccum sealed the pencil case to get a tight fit.

The hardest part of the entire process was removing the composite. After waiting overnight, I opened up the vaccum seal. The outter plastic wrap and breather layer were removed using pliers and a decent amount of force. Unfortunately there was a little bit of fiber wrapped around the top of the pencil holder, preventing the composite from removing. After using pliers, scissors, exacto knifes and a mini saw, I was able to remove the composite around the top of the pencil holder. Even after removing the top, I wasn't able to get the composite from the pencil holder. Rob suggested destroying the pencil holder, making it compound on itself and removing it. But since it was still a functioning pencil holder, I decided not to do that and keep the composite around the pencil holder.