Vinyl Cutting

For the vinyl cutting assignment I decided to make laptop stickers inspired by my hometown Austin, Texas. I designed two different Texas laptop stickers in Illustrator and converted them to png files.

When first attempting to cut out the stickers, I did not check the setting on the computer. Unfortunately the force was set too low and the blade did not completely cut through the vinyl. After increasing the force after a series of tests, the stickers were successfully cut.

The "native" Texas sticker was less intricate than the tribal design. The native sticker was weeded straight from the vinyl cutout using needlenose pilers and a poky stick. Afterwards transfer paper was used to move it to my laptop.

The tribal design Texas sticker was significantly more intricate. This time I first transfered the entire sticker to my laptop case before weeding the inside of the Texas shape with the poky stick. Unfortunately some of the intricacies of the design were lost with the increase line weight required by the vinyl cutter.