I used the redesigned Hello World board from week 5 for this assignment. First I didn't bother reading in any inputs, and simply outputted different things. It took me a little while to understand the code, but once I got a hang of the write character function, the coding outputs section was pretty straight forward. Like any good coder I tried to work in smaller steps. I first printed hard coded strings by printing each character at a time. Then I moved to a loop of printing out increasing integers. Then I programmed the board to write a loop of the letters.

Afterwards I wanted to use the button that I added to the board. After a TA's suggestion, I skipped ahead to the input device week and stole the starter code listed there. I read the data sheet for the button and changed the starter code to match by board by changing a couple of the input pins. After much fiddeling and attempts, I got the starter button code to work on my board, which prints a litter when the buttons does down and another when the button goes up. Afterwards I played around with the code and modified it to count up how many times the button was pushed and loop thorugh the letters on each button push.