I really like puzzles and games, so I want to make a kind of maze made up of concentric rings that spin independently of each other and alter the difficulty of the puzzle. I made some drawings to fully develop the idea and have a working design in OnShape. I also attempted to use AutoDesk to make some designs, but it was difficult to work with some of the constraints, so I switched to OnShape and it's been working pretty well.

Above is some simple CAD work I did in OnShape to flesh out the idea. Ideally, I would have concentric rings that look similar to the above design and could nest inside the space in the middle. The different rings would rotate independently of one another and result in a different maze puzzle by aligning the different possible routes. I'm currently struggling because it looks like the maze will not be very difficult if I want to make it have may different maze options. My boyfriend Will suggested that turning this into an alarm clock might be a good idea.

For the 3D printing week, I designed a possible axle prototype that would allow you to spin different levels independently. Although it only has 3 layers and the dimensions need a lot of work, it taught me a lot about what I can do with 3D printing. A better option would be to 3D print the maze parts and make the axle through some other means. I'm currently not sure on the maze design, but I will work with that next.

For output devices week, I managed to get a servo working. The next step will be to mount the different maze parts on top of it, as well as figure out a way to get different servos to control different parts along the same axis.