w e e k O n e

computer Controled cutting

this Week we tested a knife cutter and a laser cutter. beginning With the knife cutter, i made a vector trace of one of last week's images. the Precision was extremely precise. on First try the image was at a low dpi, so the Roland was cutting out the outline of each pixel. bumping The dpi up to 300 solved this issue.

i Applied it to my wall using the transfer tape method Rob demonstrated. next I moved onto a familiar machine, the laser cutter. because I was bothered by the amount of waste cutting vynl stickers produced, i wanted to design a press fit kit that used the whole sheet of provided cardboard. i Used onShape to paramatize the file.

two Shapes, a parrallelogram and a trapezoid have mirrored tessilated edges so that they fit into each other in two configurations. bending The two pieces along the 'press fit' created an angled fold that could create a variety of ribbon like shapes.