w e e k T h i r t e e n

c o m p o s i t e s

For composites week, I make some fabric planters so I could get more plants.

I first made a metal form on the 3-in-1 that cuts, bends, and rolls sheet metal. I rolled one tube, and tack welded it together. Then I rolled a larger open tube and hot glued it to the smaller one. The hot glue was not the most sophisticated but I thought it would make for easy mold release if I could take it appart.

I was very wrong about the mold release...the fabric epoxy composite came out surprisingly strong for just a few layers of fabric. So the metal had to get banged out.

The small tube was still intact so I did another smaller composite pot over it. Here it is still in the vacuum. I left the vacuum "loose" to preserve that draped fabric form.