w e e k N i n e

m a c h i n e B u i l d i n g

our Group, the Harvard section, altered the CNC Jake edited to make a UV light painting system.

as Part of the group, i started to establish communication with the tinyG board, the program Chillipeppr, and the motors. I started by powering the board with a bench power supply, to 24 V, the recommended optimum amount according to the tinyG documentation. Next, i connected to Chillipeppr with USB, by first launching the server and then selecting the USB (com 4) port in the bottom right. next came the motor, which was ported into 'motor 1' and assigned to the X-axis.

the y-axis was done in much the same way. then Jiabao and Honghao added the 'Z-axis', which was not an axis at all, but rather a light. see their pages for more details on this!

i helped the assembly group with odds and ends during this time. after a lot of work from a lot of people we were up and running!

Joe stopped by and reccomended we add a pinhole filter to the flashlight. he quickly cut one of vynl and it greatly improved the resolution.