Week 03

3d printing and scanning


  • Rhinoceros
  • Autodesk ReCap (and camera)
  • Sindoh 3DWOX 3d printer with PLA filament


  • Lever: Rhino, STL, GCODE

3D Scanning

I used Autodesk ReCap to 3D scan several objects. The process involved taking 50 - 100 photos per object, sequentially, and then uploading them to Autodesk’s server for processing.

The first piece was a ceramic coffee caraffe I’d made previously. This one turned out much cleaner than I expected, and better than the others that I scanned. I took 64 photos, and I suspect that the specled pattern of the glaze may have helped align the images.

I scanned another piece for my second attempt, but took fewer photos, around 30. This time, the model was much less clean, especially on the thin handle elements. I made sure to take photos that showed the gap and surfaces behind each handle, but there were still a lot of inaccuracies here.

Finally, I scanned a potted plant.

3D Printing

Although I’ve 3d printed on Zcorp printers a bit in the past, I’ve never made anything with moving parts, so I wanted to give it a go this week.


I used Rhino to model a

Making the GCode





Test Pieces