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Interface & Application Programming


Remote LED control

since my final project will require a bunch of LED strips performing a synchrononous lightshow, I figured it would be nicec to have a tool that i could use to interface with the LEDs from a remote computer


i started by wiring up a small portion of the LED strip (6 Neopixels) that wouldn't requirer any more than my 3.7V LiPo battery could give.

Web Interface

I'll be posting all files used in this project here

I started by scoping out how this guy booted up a php server using softoxide.com, but I figured it would be easier to just host everything on the RPi3B+ using Apache. I followed this tutorial from the RPi foundation to do that. The PHP works! Now to get the RPi to respond to the PHP requests...

In order to get the RPi3B+ up and running with the latest and greatest, there were quite a few package downloads that needed to be completed frrom the RPi terminal, so I'll try to consolidate them here:

            #note:  python 2 or 3 should work here. if using python2,  just replace "python3" with python
            sudo pip3 install python-dev swig
            sudo pip3 install rpi_ws281x adafruit-circuitpython-neopixel
            sudo pip3 install apache2 -y
            sudo pip3 install php libapache2-mod-php -y


Ran into a snag with the python installation of the NeoPixel library. I read into Adafruit's basic instruction on how to get it running as well. Everytime I run my .py file, I'm served an error: "cannot import the module NeoPixel". I will update here once I've figured it out.

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