# itsa me! ## victoria shen ![itsame](http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.18/Harvard/people/victoria/images/week_00/selfie.jpg) i'm a visual artist and sound performer that has a background in building analog synthesizers and other electronics. my instruments are designed to electronically reproduce chaotic systems, systems which are highly sensitive to small changes in their initial parameters. the resulting music eschews conventions in harmony and rhythm in favor of the extreme textures and gestural tones. i also like to think about sound as a physical medium that floods its location acting as a form of sculpture. the spatiality/physicality of sound, the way it interacts with the human body, is an important dimension to be explored. i often incorporate live video performances that produce visual palimpsests and digital residues. i use software that i’ve authored in max/msp order to generate visuals combining real-time video with found footage thematically linked by sexuality, violence, and art history through a process of exaggeration/effacement. i also make work that blurs that line between visual and sound art. kinetic sound sculptures and installations that use motors and discarded piano parts to play themselves. cast pewter cassette tapes that play. earbuds that are glowing 3-d printed cicadas that cling to your ear when worn. #####[my website](http://evicshen.com) #####[music](http://soundcloud.com/evicshen) ## cicada earbuds for final project? ![cicadabuds](http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.18/Harvard/people/victoria/images/week_00/cicadacad.png) i'm hoping to produce a streamlined, perhaps mass-produceable version of the cicada earbuds as a final project. #####[Download Fusion File](https://a360.co/2PRW6rx)