For this week assignment I decided to try out inflatables, I had bever done it and this seemed like a great opportunity to do it and also know more stuff about the Sund machine, which is really cool.
I decided to work with Emma as she had some previous experience with inflatables and had some ideas, we decided to make an inflatable that disabled people by not letting them walk propertly and not leting them see while walking.
the process was quite fun as Rhinno proved to be a very efficient and amazing tool, I had more experience with Archicad but Rhinno seemed far more powerfull.
we did some sketches and finnaly decided on the shapes of the inflatable and use Rhinno's tool for unfolding complex geometries, looks like we where too ambitious and the software gave us too many pieces. We decided to go with basic shapes and just knit them together.

Cutting was very easy, the Zund machine is a marvel.
Knitting was quite challenging because we had rounded shapes, I had no prior experience knitting, at the beggining it was quite hard but eventually I got used to it and got good at it.
There is a very interesting thing about inflatables and that is the fact of thinking in negative all the time. You knit the pieces together upside down and then flip it on its own shape. This is a very important shape so as not any shape has the capacity of folding on its own. This was the case of our shape as it had two closed loops, we learned this the hard way when we tried to unfold our shape and it was already entangled in itself.
we tried reversing this but we failed, instead we had to reverse what we had done and cut ipen one of the loops so that we could unfold from there and finnally pull all of the material upside down.
Inflating proved to be a little bit hard also as the air has to pump straight inside the inflatable, one has to care on how the connections are made and the direction they have in order to have a direct flow of air into the volume.
Inflating is very fun as you get to see your work come alive in very short time.