Week 10

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Output (+ Input)) Devices

My idea for this week was to combine the input and output weeks into one assignment. The goal was to build a device that used sonar as an input and a speaker as an output. And as you moved your hand (or some object) close to the sonar, the pitch of the speaker would change proportionally (low pitch as you are far away from the speaker and high pitch as you move closer). Another option is just to change the volume of the speaker with a single tone as you move an object back and forth. This is the sonar input from the fab lab I planned on using:
I started by drawing a schematic for my board. The way I designed my board was by inspecting the input sonar board as well as the output speaker board that NG designed and by combining the two into a single device where the pins of an ATTiny45 controller were split between the intput and output, and where ground was maintained between both boards. Here is the schematic I designed in EAGLE:
I then laid out my components spatially so they would be as simple to connect as possible.
And then wired up my board! There was a tricky challenge I ran into where more than three connections that needed to be made were not physically possible to make. I solved this solution by adding four different 0 Ω resistors that crossed already existing wires I laid down so that I can fully connect my entire board. I point these out in the image below with pink arrows:
I then hid all the label layers.
And exported my board traces into a black and white png here:
And then outline of the board into a png here:
I haven't printed out my board yet, but will work on this after I finish my final project!