Hey- I am Ikra Iftekhar Shuvo. This is my website and here I will show you "How I can make (almost) anything".

Ikra Iftekhar Shuvo Ikra Iftekhar Shuvo

About me:

I pursued my BSc in Textile Engineering with a major in Chemical Wet Processing of Polymers. I like to work with smart and electronics textiles for biomedical applications. After completing my MSc in Biosystems Engineering, I worked at BOEING Canada; however, very soon, I changed my career and went to become a Assistant Buyer for a major fashion retailer in Canada and saw the potential of electronic textiles. Hence, I decided to further my study and learn about wearable electronics and, thus, pursued my second Master's in Textile Science while I was a research intern in MITACS Canada for 1.5 years, and worked on developing two mathematical models to describe the heating & cooling efficiency of flexible (electrothermal) joule heating wearables.

My HTMAA projects (Sep-Nov 2021):

  • Project 01- Exploring Few Ideas (and associated 2D models) for My Final Project: Smart Electronic Textiles- Towards a Personalized Healthcare System

  • Project 02- Parametric designing: Computer-controlled Laser Cutting

  • Project 03- Electronics Production: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Fabrication

  • Project 04- 3D printing & 3D scaniing

  • Project 05- Designing a PCB Board using CAD and Adding a Button to Control a Light Emitting Diode (in series with a current-limiting resistor)

  • Project 06- Computer-Controlled Machining: Designing a Parametric 3D Strcuture Using ShopBot & a Oriented Strand Board

  • Project 07- Embedded Programming: Simulation of Circuitries, Commanding PCBs using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) & Exploring a MC Datasheet

  • Project 08- Designing 3D Molds, Milling it Using a 3-axis Finish Cut CNC machine, and Casting the Parts

  • Project 09- Input (Sensors) Devices & Simulations: Single axis bending monitoring sensor; Temperature/humidity sensor; Ultrasound sensor

  • Project 10- Output (Transducers/Actuators) Devices: Presenting Sensor (Input) Data through Liquid Crystal Display & Other Devices

  • Project 11- Networking & Communications: Wireless Communication using (i) Bluetooth & (ii) nRF24L01 Radio Transceiver

  • Project 12- Interface & Web-Application: Controlling Output Devices Using a Website or Cellphone via ESP32 WiFi Module

  • Project 13- Final Project: Wearable Device for Paraplegic & Immobile Patients: Designed to Monitor and Display Temperature & Humidity Level with a Built-in Piezo Buzzer to Alert Users

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