About Me

I have many words in my first name so I prefer to go by Manu. **Current**: I am a first year PhD student at MIT Media Lab in Molecular Machines. I work on drug design using computation/high throughput screens and molecular dynamics. Mostly protein therapeutics. I find synthetic biology fascinating and I am excited to continue to be amazed by biological machines. **Past**: As much as I love doing biology related things now, I do not have a formal training in biology or biochemistry. I am an electronics engineer by training. I did my bachelors in electronics and telecommunications in India. And got a masters in electrical and electronics engineering at Cornell. During my undergrad and during my first masters, I focused on embedded systems and sparse signal processing. After school, I worked as a full stack engineer and machine learning engineer for a few years before coming back to school. **Other Interests** I like doing graphite/charcoal sketches. And playing really really really bad cello.