Problem Set 9

12: Function Fitting

My PCA File is here.

So I was relatively successful with this Pset. I've never written code like this, so I feel like I've
really broken down some coding barriers with this problem. I had a bit of trouble with conversions
between arrays and matrices in python. Most of my calculations were performed by in numpy,
but I wasn't sure how to call functions on 3 dimensional arrays, so I split up the components into
3 sets of vectors (x1,x2), (x1,x3), and (x2,x3). I successfully got eigenvectors and eigenvalues
and PC's for each of the pairs. But when I try to reconstruct the data I ran into some problems
multiplying arrays (until I discovered np.multiply). However, my results seem to reflect
a simple matrix transpose, not any kind of plot of transformed data. Not sure what I'm doing