Final Project

Sound Membrane Structure Exploration

Team members: Yuan Mu, Yujie Hong

Working first in either Unity or Javascript, the aim of the project is to construct a VR environment. The initiative will consist of a virtual membrane with sonic qualities that will respond to a user's actions and in consequence produce new sound.
The main mathematical precedent for our work is the idealized drumhead properties of a tensioned circular membrane. By entering and interacting with the environment the user can indirectly control and experience vibration frequencies of the structure.
The project will also entail a physical compotent – either a mirror-like structure that responds to heat or a series of anecdotal experiments involving gallium that will then be applied as a atmospheric texture.

Work in Progress

The background is an adaptitation of a script by Amanda Ghassaei, which I worked through to become more familiar with three.js.
Clicking the image changes the amplitude and envelope of the sinusoidal visual.

Unity interactive grid – the shape is altered when a cursor is dragged across the scene

Anecdotal experiments with Gallium – the metal was heated and placed on a subwoofer whose frequency and amplitude levels were manually altered