how to make something that makes almost anything
Sam Calisch

This week, we were to brainstorm about potential capabilities and applications we would like to be responsible for in the class. Due to blizzard, I didn't complete my list.

Capability: Optical mouse++ position sensor

ADNS-9800 with a diy breakout board. High resolution device for measuring velocity. 10^4 counts per inch. Integration causes drift, like an accelerometer.

The ADNS can send the 30x30 pixel values over SPI. Below is an animated GIF where each frame is a movement of .001 inches.

Accuracy depends on height. Precision doesn't depend on speed or the resolution setting.

I just added two millimeter-resolution ultrasonic sensors to this project, so next step will be using a Kalman filter to combine these complementary measurements.

Application: Precision cutting of composite tube and rod.

Composite tube cutting jig with distance measurement. This is fussy business. My machine would use a dremel abrasive wheel to cut, while automatically rotating the tube. A water drip would prevent the hazardous dust from getting in the air. A hard stop would hold the tube at a specific length, which would be measured with a combination of the optical mouse sensor for fine measurement with an optical encoder for coarse grain correction.

Application: Laser mouse cutter.

Maybe a bad idea...

Capability: Optical micrometer

Measure a dimension based on webcam. Used for getting consistency in extrusion.

Capability: 5 axis machining

Start with Handibot for rapid iteration.

Applications: ...

Applications: Knot tying machines

MAS.865 2015