Review Machine Elements

Went through Solidworks tutorials

Model and compare various actuators

Delta-bot (linkage)

H-bot (belt)

Linear actuator (bolt)

Learn about existing models

Linear actuators - Commercial products

THK | electronic actuators

Oriental Motors

Linear actuators - DIYs
Linear Actuator Design - YouTube :

OpenBuilds Mini V Linear Actuator - BUILD 2 of 2 - YouTube :

RC Liebherr A 900 C Litronic part 2 - Linear actuator test 1 - YouTube :

OpenBeam - An open source miniature construction system by Terence Tam — Kickstarter :

Modify an existing model

MakerSlide :
Open Source Aluminum Extrusion with V-rail Linear Bearing System Built in

Simple Camera Slider :
Downloaded the STEP file and import to Solidworks.

SolidWorks has long supported *.stp or STEP import and export. STEP files are the most robust neutral file format available for exchanging model data between CAD systems.
Can SolidWorks open STP files? :

Progress report // Pick and place, HTML5 VM: