Honghao's Rapid Prototyping Basement

1. Machines that make

2. Supporting Devices

3. Corpse

4*. What is Amazon Prime?



1 meter (Bed size)


 (Setup Time 15 hours)


X-carve 1000mm

bed size: 800mm x 800mm x 65mm (Expandable)

Software: Web-based Easel 

Workflow: 3D model -> Vcarve(gcode) ->Easel



Things Could Go Wrong:

1. Shaft and screw on each axis's linear actuator will need grease from time to time

2. Belts should be tightened up, or it can secretly lose "steps"

3. Problem no.2 happen on one of the Y stepper motors that drive  the X-axis gantry and X-axis end up being unparallel


(Time will slowly make the truth come to the surface. Reliable machines should eliminate slow-kill problems)



 Interesting Features:


2. Can make PCB with through-hole package electric component



Interesting features:


Make PCBs

Why can't make surface-mount package size:

1. larger bed size increase relative movements

2. larger bed size will have uneven Z-axis more easily




0.5 meter 



GlowForge LaserCutter (45W)

bed size: 270mm * 590mm


Software: Web-based GlowForge App

Workflow: CAD software (svg) ->GlowForge App


Things Could Go Wrong:

1. Temperature sensor sometimes too sensitive and constantly stop machine for cooling


 Interesting Features:

1. Beautiful Laser Tube Design

2. Vision System:

a. Ulimited cut size on one direction (∞ * 590mm)

b. Engrave/Cut without CAD file



Interesting features:

Beautiful Design:

a. Integrated Laser tube cooling system

b. Mounted on gantry and remove a set of lens



a.  Ulimited cut size on one size (∞ * 590mm)

b.  Use the machine as a powertool




Zortrax M300



Zortrax M300

bed size: 300mm * 300mm * 300mm

Software: Z-Suite

Workflow: 3d model (stl) -> Z-suite (gcode)


Things Could Go Wrong:

1. Large Prints can last days, usually it's not the machine that go wrong

When Printing large, FDM's speed limitation is revealed compared to SLA & DLP 


 Interesting Features:

1.Built-Platform have holes to make the raft have enough grip and doesn't warp over time.







Form 2, Form 1+, Form 1

bed size: 145 * 145 * 175mm (form 2)

              125 × 125 × 165 mm (form 1, 1+)

Software: Preform

Workflow: 3d model (stl) -> Preform

Things Could Go Wrong:

1. Mix Different version Resin

2. Didn't listen to Preform







Noname Shenzhen PCB mill


Noname $200 PCB

(Setup Time 4 hours)

bed size: 150mm * 75mm

Software: Grbl Control

Workflow: CAD software (PNG)-> mods (gcode) -> GRBL control to drive the machine


Things Could Go Wrong:

1. Hand-assmbled machine with extremely uneven z level

2. blindly controlled without any feedback

3. screws are unfastened over time 






Silhouette Cameo Vinly Cutter




Supporting Devices


Home-brew Vent for lasercutters

Material List:

 1.  Airpurifier 

      Hepa filter remove particles that have a size of 0.3 µm.

 2.  Duct In-line Fan

      Increase air flow. Create vortex in carbon filter.

 3.  Carbon Filter

      Chemical Obsorption of organic particals. 


Resin Print Post-processing  Units

a cheap solution could be sanding sponge + sterilizer






Cause of Death: Water Pipe Leaking

Cause of Death: Nozzle Jammed, and broken inside when being replaced

Cause of Death:

2 nozzles not exactly at same height. Uneven Z platform. 

Cause of Death:

Board Dead


What's Amazon Prime Delivery?

How to become a prime seller? Ask WhiteBox

Fullfilled by Amazon (FBA service) Pricing

What's happening in Shenzhen's Machine to make business

Customized machines modified from models in OEM and open-source machines are slowly migerate to U.S. through ebay and amazon.

taobao (en)





extra fun

fake form1 by form1 OEM 

form1 to laser engraver

now selling in U.S. 

same thing another company




What are the things Shenzhen Machines Needs to Work on

 1. supporting software, supporting devices

   lasercutters are all still using corelDraw 6.0 plugins

   filters, vent solutions for lasercutter 

   dust collection for CNC

 2. Documentation (shouldn't be just Chinese)

 3. slow-kill factors, long term reliability