<br> [MAS.865](../index.html) > [People]() > Jake Read # Jake's Goals: Jake Read <jake.read@cba.mit.edu> @jakeread - machinekit x mods [architecture and implementation](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkxmods) - machinekit endpoints: - [encoders](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkencoder/) - tactile touch probe - [stepper](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkstepper) - [bldc driver / FOC / 'VFD'](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkbldcdriver) - better linear axes / a rev on [machine week](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/machineweek) for BPS and Fab2.0 and GHL and Kerala - [gearbox](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkbldcdriver) for ubiquitous robots - actuator for proprioceptive robots ## Week 1: 2/08 Mostly, this week I was prepping the class page for Actuators. ## Week 2: 2/15 This week I assembled and tested the first [led network throwies](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/nettie) and their [usb->nrf bridge](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/nrfbridge) - I rev'd both boards and ordered ~50 for a big implementation at the coming 99 Fridays party. ## Week 3: 2/22 Spent most of my week programming the [mkrouter](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkrouter) for network control. As well as putting together those [LED Network Throwies](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/nettie). ## Week 4: 3/01 This week I made lots of forward progress on the [mkrouter](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkrouter) and [mkstepper](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkstepper) boards. I also revisioned both to use an RJ12 connector and a debug interface that would be easier for other people to get up and running with. I worked a great deal on my [mkxmods Steve Reich project](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkxmods/tree/master/reich) and I'm excited to have this working on Saturday (fingers crossed). ## Week 5: 3/08 More Reich, More Throwies. ## Week 6: 3/15 It is now. I want to make a better roadmap that I think I can realistically execute on, for the term. I'm writing that into the next weeks. This week, I'm going to finish my [Reich Project](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkxmods/tree/master/reich) and try to make progress on the [Mill Redux](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkxmods/tree/master/redux) wherein I take my old hardware and outfit it with new network motion control. By the end of the week, I'd like to see my machine play 'music for blocks of wood' and have a strong idea of how to coordinate motion across the network. Right now, I'm thinking that's a flow-controlled very short buffer (~ 2x network transmission times' worth of moves). Both of these involve lots-of-mods, so I'd also like to make some changes to the UI that I am keen to see: - pan / zoom - reload mod from file (speeds development) ## Week 7: 3/22 This is control week. In that spirit, I'm interested in finishing my controls-heavy C code for the [bldc](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/mkbldcdriver) project. I think I'll proceed by doing: - Closed Loop Position Commands using Simple Sinusoidal Commutation - FOC, if I'm feeling ambitious. Hard. Maybe someone will help me? I would also like to do the 'final rev' on the BLDC board. I might try to smash that design the week prior, so that I can do control on a board that I feel confident about. This means 2oz copper (probably) and parallel FETs, I think. Gate charge maths. A heatsink! ## Week 8: 3/29 Spring Break I'm leaving this open to catch bleed-off from the prior two weeks ambitions. Probably, lots of work on distributed motion control, which I'll bet is tricky. ## Week 9: 4/05 Design Tools I'd like to develop a good linear axis here. Capstan drive, rollers, preload. ## Week 10: 4/12 Path Planning Good Linear Axis cont'd, hopefully involves a good machine from the above? ## Week 11: 4/19 Subtractive Processes I'd like to block out some time to work on the [wobble drive](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/wobble). This means learning how to use the EDM and HURCO and really stretching my whole toolset (yay) - mech design, EE design, controls, etc. I'm trying to put an actuator in the top-left of [this chart](https://jakeread.pages.cba.mit.edu/actuators/) so that robots can be cheap and fun and human friendly. Tall order. ## Week 12: 4/26 Additive Processes ## Week 13: 5/03 Discrete Processes ## Week 14: 5/10 Fiber Processes ## Week 15: 5/17 Scanning Processes ## Week 16: 5/22 Final Presentations ## Sneaky Projects Things I want to do but don't have specific weeks for: - Capacitive PCB Encoder, wherein we 'purchase' relative accuracy from the PCB fab & air-drop it into our less perfect machines. Kills the degenerate machine problem, we hope. Also a critical step towards cheap robots. - Touch Probe for CNC Machines, generally. Levels, corrects machine geometry with maths. - I would like to formulate my thesis problem statement. - The Fab 2.0 Machine: the CNC to fab on CNCs. Involves lots of the capabilities mentioned. - Totally Daydreaming: a 5-axis Desktop Machining Center (DMC) - my equivalent of will's Desktop EDM: the machine I want to leave here with. - Continued Daydreaming is a Lathe that rocks. - Both of these machines want to be really skookum, and I'd like to experiment with laminated aluminum / honeycomb structures for super-stiffness w/o boatloads of material, cash. - Extended Daydreaming is a robot arm using the wobble drive.