han hoang

assignment 2 - demonstrate something that embodies threshold restoration behavior - Threshold: Often perceptual distinctions in a certain context have a threshold to them. That is, when you increase or decrease them beyond a certain value they will create a permanent change in the shape of a material as a result of the application of an applied stress. The work done in deforming the material is irreversible. The following animation demonstrates two types of threshold behavior. Plastic deformation: The first behavior [A] illustrates a deformation as a result of an impact by an external force. Once applied, the force alters the molecular make up of the surface area while the neglected side is slightly unaffected. The end result of the impact alters the physical state of the material permanently. The second behavior [B] of the animation describes deformation due to uniformly high heat transfer. This phenomenon has the ability to alter the entire molecular make up of the materials. Unlike behavior [A], where the alteration takes place only on the concentrated area, behavior [B] has the capability to uniformly affect the entire region.