han hoang

assignment 3 - project description - [1] - A self-forming mold injection machine - [SFMIM] this machine uses reactor pins as a primary support to form the mold for the injection. as an object with unique and exotic shape is placed on the bed, the pins react and position themselves according to the form. this can be use for only single-sided curves or surfaces. since, objects of any material can be use as a placement for the mold, this provides an infinite possibility to form any type of surfaces. once the object is removed, the pins hold their form and the injection takes place. the overall size and dimensions are similar to the current laser cutter. With the bed approximately at 40"x20" and the maximum height of a forming curve or surface at 10". however, with a 3-dimensional object, the overall height of the lower bed can be use as a mold, which stands at 20". for a 3-dimensional form, instead of reactor pins, this bed can be full of tiny magnetic bearing balls. as the object is inserted into the bed, the balls find their way to fill in all the open gaps and curves that otherwise couldn't be reach by the pins. this final form is then digitally recorded. the 3D object is then removed and with the click of a button, the balls re-form themselves to the original shape of the 3D object through the use of memory magnetic contact. this version can possibly form single-sided as well as double-sided curves and surfaces.