Making PCBs on the Modela

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Below are general steps. You can find detailed instruction on setting up and using the Modela for this purpose as documented by 863 class.
Create schematic and board layout, write as gerber file. Eagle. You can use custom elements from Neil's library ng.lbr. schematic: hello.sch
board: hello.brd
gerber: hello.cmp
Create rml toolpath output(Usage is "python") python and

(At this point you might as well get pyserial which you will need later to have the microcontroller talk back to the computer via serial port).

Setup serial port parameters stty 9600 raw -echo crtscts </dev/ttyS0 (ML machines run Linux...) In Windows this is something in the control panel.
You may need to move the Modela's starting point. move.rml or move as an interactive script. move.rml
To set the Z-origin,
    Loosen the set screws holding the bit or install the bit so that only a little of the shank protrudes.
    1. Push the DOWN key until the head is all the way down.
    2. Tap the UP key to back off the head a small distance.
    3. Lower the milling bit until it hits the board and tighten the set screws.
Send rml to Modela cat file.rml > /dev/ttyS0 (for Modela)
cat file.camm > /dev/lp0 (for vinyl cutter)
type file.rml > com1 (for Modela)
If you need to interrupt the Modela while it's milling,
    1. kill the cat from the computer, if it's still going.
    2. On the face of the Modela, go into VIEW mode then push both UP and DOWN buttons at the same time. Hold until the light stops blinking. Release buttons after light stops blinking.
Assembly Languange Programming
Use assembler mnemonics to create assembly program (.asm) for the AVR. Any text editor hello.asm
Copy this include file into the directory with the assembly code. It defines all the register and memory names.
Convert assembly language (.asm) to machine language (.hex) using avra. (Usage: "avra hello.asm") avra assembler hello.hex
C Languange Programming
See AVR-GCC Tutorial GCC GCC libc winavr is a suite that includes GCC, avr-libs, and debugging and simulation utilities.
Connect serial cable to computer and run (usage "python"). (needs pyserial)
Uisp is a tool for AVR microcontrollers which can interface to many hardware in-system programmers.

Erase memory in chip:

    uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 --erase -dprog=dapa -dvoltage=3 -dt_sck=50

Send program to chip:
    uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 -dprog=dapa -dvoltage=3 -dt_sck=50 --upload if=hello.hex
uisp programmer included in the WinAVR package, see above.
Listen for the micro to say something to you


  • When I ran uisp commands, I get an error message:"the wire is incorrect or chip is damaged.