class: How to Make Something That Makes (almost) Anything
Internet Zero/Motor Control

I milled a pcb for Internet Zero using the Atmega 88 and the Allegro stepper motor driver.

Neil designed a PCB for i0 and the Allegro A3964 bi-polar stepper driver.

Kwang and I programmed the Atmel 44 with this board, and it worked.

I'm working on routing an i0 board for bi-polar stepper driver using an Atmel 88 with the Allegro stepper ic, and also using a 5v 1A regulator. I am currently using Eagle, so I had to create the package the stepper driver ic. might be a better option for routing PCBs with this many parts.

The h-bridge working w/ i0. The motor turns and the light toggles.

I've hard coded IP addresses into the Internet Zero boards to keep track of function while developing.