HOME = (-1,-1,0.2)

def move(position,axis=None):
    if axis != None:
        if (axis == 'bit'):
            if (position>0):
                print "Turning cutting bit ON"
                print "Turning cutting bit OFF"
            print "Moving to position",position,"in",axis,"axis."
        if len(position) == 2:
            print "Moving to position X=",position[0],", Y=",position[1]
        elif len(position) == 3:
            print "Moving to position X=",position[0],", Y=",position[1],", Z=",position[2]
            # TODO: Individual VMs could allow a move() command which
            # supports a position tuple with an arbitrary number of
            # ordered, unlabeled axes.
            error("Position tuple has ", len(position), " arguments.")

def set_speed(speed,axis):
    print "Setting speed in",axis,"axis to",speed

def wait():
    print "If I were really a machine, I would wait here until the user pressed my button."