Week 0: Introduction

Lecture: Introduction to the class structure, concepts, and methods, and overview of semester schedule. Discussion on iconic design and their salient features. Overview of class application process.
Lab: HTML, CSS, templates, CMS, JQuery
Assignment: Design a portfolio website to showcase your work over the course of the semester.

Inspriring Videos

10 Iconic Designs

Version Control

Git GitHub Dropbox

Web Development

W3C HTML HTML5 Jade Markdown GitBook Pandoc (g)vim emacs Atom Sublime Geany Brackets Eclipse LibreOffice SeaMonkey Dreamweaver JavaScript Bootstrap jQuery

Blogs, Wikis, Content Management Systems

Jekyll DokuWiki TiddlyWiki Hatta-Wiki MoinMoin GetSimple Moveable Type Jekyll WordPress Drupal Moodle

Project Management Principles

demand- vs supply-side time management
serial vs parallel development
spiral development
bottom-up vs top-down debugging
hierarchy, modularity
Mythical Man-Month