Week 3: Concepts

Lecture: Why ideas/concepts are important for design (why design is not just incremental development/improvement), why there is power in novel ideas, how ideas can give direction & rhyme/reason throughout the decision making process...how to come up with ideas (thinking through making & various forms of idea-generation).
Lab (In Class): Use sketching as a way to explore novel strategies and systems of “light” with Akshay Sharma
Guest: Presentation by Axel Schmid, Ingo Maurer
Assignment: Develop 5 concepts for a novel strategy or system of “light”. Convey each through multiple sketches, and give the context/problem that this addresses. Explain where it is/why people need/want this, why its novel, how it relates to others in the field

Concept Representation

Idea Generation

Defining the Problem

Creativity & Novelty

Precedents & Strong ideas