How To Make (almost) Anything
Wednesdays 1:00-4:00 E14-633


09/09: introduction, computer-aided design (E14-633)
recitation: 09/10 (5:00P E14-633) functional representation modeling
09/16: project management, computer-controlled cutting (E14-633)
recitation: 09/17 (5:00P E14-633) distributed version control
09/23: electronics production (E14-633)
recitation: 09/24 (5:00P shop sections) test equipment
09/30: 3D scanning and printing (E14-633)
recitation: 09/28 (5:00P E14-633) design
10/07: computer-controlled machining (Geological Lecture Hall, Harvard)
recitation: 10/08 (5:00P E14-633) mechanism design
10/14: electronics design (E14-633)
recitation: 10/15 (5:00P E14-633) electronics
10/21: molding and casting (E14-633)
recitation: 10/22 (5:00P E14-633) metal casting
10/28: embedded programming (E15-070)
recitation: 10/29 (5:00P E14-070) networking and communications
11/04: output devices (E14-633)
recitation: 11/02 (5:00P E15-070) modular machines
11/11: Veteran's Day
recitation: 11/12 (5:00P E14-070) mechanical, machine, robot design
11/18: input devices (E14-633)
recitation: 11/19 (5:00P E14-633) welding and sheet metal
11/25: interface and application programming (E14-633)
recitation: 11/23 (5:00P E14-633) embedded Web programming
11/26,27: Thanksgiving
12/02: composites (E14-633)
recitation: 11/30 (5:00P E14-633) composites
12/04: final assignment
12/09: project development (E14-633)
recitation: 12/10 (5:00P E14-633) design
12/15: project presentation
prep: 9:00-1:30 (E14-6)
final exam: 1:30-4:30 (E14-6)
open house: 5:00-6:30 (E14-6)




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