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Week 0

This week, I came up with some ideas for a final project.

Idea: 2D conveyor belt

What would happen if one built a conveyor belt of conveyor belts? This would allow objects to move in 2 dimensions using minimal space. I would use this to implement a storage system where there is only a single access point. For example, if you had a tall vertical space between a bookshelf and a wall, you could store items in the entire space and have the belts bring the desired object to the opening.

Idea: Wearable keyboard

I have always imagined gloves that could register one's hand positions and track typing input. This would essentially be a very convenient bluetooth keyboard. This idea seems slightly impractical because getting one finger to work is hard enough, then I would have to multiply that by ten!

Idea: Smart quidditch hoop

There are currently no goal detection systems in quidditch, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to make one. It would have to register when the ball passes through the circular hoop, but not anything else. This seems doable with either computer vision or infrared laser.