<topbar style="display:none;"> <item><a href="../index.html">Home</a></item> <item><a href="../about_me/about.html">About</a></item> <item><a href="../week_x/index.html">Final Project</a></item> </topbar> <!-- This is a comment, it is ignored by the compiler/interpreter --> <style> h0 { font-family:; font-size: 30px; color: #414040; margin-top: 50px; margin-bottom: 6px; word-spacing: 5px; } a { color: #e479f1; } </style> ###Week2: Computer-Aided Cutting /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ ###Laser cutting As I'm not a beginner of using laser-cut, I decided to go somewhere that is more unconventional to cardboard fabrication. I came up with the idea that deems cardboard as a thread. To be more specifically, I choose knitting as the deployable platform which the aim is to make the laser cut piece more modular, easy scalable. The unit can be assembled from 1D thread to 2D flat fabric, or even 2.5D, 3D geometry by increasing/decreasing the knit stitches. So far, that's my hypothesis, no successful prototype yet. Below are some idea sketches. <img src="./idea.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> CAD designed in rhino and grasshopper <img src="./l0-min.png" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> import file to laser cutting software: LightBurn <img src="./l2-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> cutting ..... it takes almost 10 mins to cut one (linear) unit <img src="./l1-min.JPG" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> To be honest, the result is a bit out of my expectation. I originally predict it to be semi-stiff, which keeps the carboard rigidity while at the sane time, the kirigami structure can act as a compliant linkage. However, the result is just too soft, which makes it hard to assemble. <img src="./l3-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> <img src="./l4-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> <img src="./l5-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> <img src="./l6-min.JPG" alt="strandbeest" width="350"/> <img src="./l7-min.JPG" alt="strandbeest" width="350"/> <img src="./l9-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="370" /> <img src="./l8-min.JPG" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> ###Vinyl cutting <img src="./v0-min.png" alt="strandbeest" width="700"/> <img src="./v1-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="350"/> <img src="./v2-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="350"/> <img src="./v3-min.JPG" alt="strandbeest" width="350"/> <img src="./v4-min.jpeg" alt="strandbeest" width="350"/> ##group assignment characterize your laser cutter's focus, power, speed, rate, erf, joint clearance and types Kerf [[Kerf documentation]](../week_2/laserkerf_r.html)