Progress on Coherent Laser Diode...


    A laser diode system contains the following components:

Supply Chain:

    Coherent supplies many laser diodes that are incorporated into other modules.    The modules are as follows:


diode module


Test Runs:

   Managed to run both laser diode modules with a 20A HP lab supply.    Due to the small cables, the diode was starved for power.   Doubling up larger cables, we got the cardboard to SMOKE!

   laser smoke
If success is smelling like burning cardboard, then we are doing well!
The Box...
Box with a hole after first experiment with the FAP-I Coherent module.

After small
Second hole from the second (FAP800 ) module.

The enclosure contained most of the smoke.   When removed, the cardboard was still smoking, so I dowsed it with water.


These tests were run with the diode using about 35 watts (1.7 volts at 20 amps).

Supply Chain:

Also talked to Coherent, and they were helpful, but requested the information not be made public.     I will discuss in class.

Other Status:

Power supply board is in progress.   Initial wiring diagram sketched.


Dave is working on a cool mechanical design for a larger workspace than an Mtm snap.   Think coreXY meets MTM snap, with a laser!