MITs Center for Bits and Atoms manages a facility for making and measuring things on length scales from atoms to buildings. Rather than requiring user fees, it is funded by CBAs research programs for use by participating researchers, with additional available time shared with collaborating programs. The tools are grouped by nano, micro, meso, and macro feature sizes, and instrumentation, computation, and communication capabilities.

Nano (nanometers)

description: Transmission Electron Microscope
model: 200cx
manufacturer: JEOL
specifications: 120kV
applications: electron microscopy

description: FIB
model: Strata DB-235
manufacturer: FEI
applications: electron microscopy, EDAX, Ion beam etching/deposition

description: Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
model: XL30
manufacturer: FEI
specifications: Resolution ~20nm
applications: electron microscopy, e-beam lithography (EBL)


description: AFM/STM
manufacturer: Agilen
specifications: Resolution ~1nm
: surface characterization, lithography

Micro (micrometers)

description: micro-CT
model: XT H 160
manufacturer: Nikon Metrology
specifications: 30-160 kV X-rays, 3μ focal spot size, 5-axis manipulator, video radiography, accelerated 3D reconstruction
applications: real-time 2D X-ray imaging and 3D volumetric imaging for process metrology, experimental sample characterization, rapid-prototyping input, and reverse-engineering

description: Confocal microscope
model: LSM 500
manufacturer: Zeiss
specifications: argon laser, mercury arc and halogen lamps, 20, 40, and 100x objective lenses, confocal scanning module, widefield brightfield and epifluorescence
applications: topographic and biological imaging, experimental sample characterization, rapid-prototyping input, and reverse-engineering

description: Plasma cleaner/bonder
manufacturer: Anatech
applications: oxygen plasma chamber to clean substrates and to bond polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and glass (borosilicate, fused silica)

description: Resonetics excimer laser micromachining station
model: Resonetics RapidX250-L and GSI Lumonics PulseMaster PM-848
manufacturer: Resonetics and GSI Lumonics

applications: Resonetics RapidX250-L Series is an excimer laser-based laser micromachining system designed to fabricate micro-machined components as small as 1 micron feature size.  The system can laser machine polymers, glass, sapphire, ruby, silicon, ceramics and metals among others.  It incorporates a PulseMaster PM-848 excimer laser with 80 Watts of average power at 248nm laser wavelength and 50 Watts at 193nm.The laser repetition rates range from 0 to 200 Hz. The RapidX 250 series was designed for 2-D and 3-D laser micromachining. A typical system is comprised of 200mm x 200mm XY stages with optional Z axis, rotary and goniometer (45 degree tilt), permitting the most complex geometries to be machined. The system includes a user-friendly CAD conversion software package to allow the CAD drawing to be converted directly to machine code. The system has a camera vision system for part alignment and process viewing. The system offers several options such as motorized rectangular variable aperture and a motorized aperture wheel.

description: 532nm Diode-Pumped Solid State Micromachining Laser
model: A-series Laser Micromachining System
manufacturer: Oxford

applications: The Oxford Laser has a spot size of approximately 20 microns. The laser outputs approximately 6W of power at 10kHz and can quickly cut through materials typically up to 0.5mm thick.

description: probe station

description: wire bonder

description: pick-and-place

model: L40

Meso (millimeters)

description: Precision mill
model: Modela MDX-20
manufacturer: Roland
specifications: Max. operation area: 8 inches (X) x 6 inches (Y) x 2 3/8 inches (Z), Mechanical Resolution 0.000246 in./step (0.00625 mm/step), Revolution speed 6500 rpm
applications: Milling (circuits, wax, etc.), Scanning.

       description: Precision mill
: Modela SRM 20
       manufacturer: Roland
specifications: Max. operation area: 8 inches (X) x 6 inches (Y) x 2 3/8 inches (Z), Mechanical Resolution 0.0000393 in./step (0.0.000998594 mm/step),
Revolution speed Adjustable 3,000 7,000 rpm
applications: Milling (circuits, wax, etc.)

description: 4-axis mill with automatic toolchanger
model: Modela MDX-540
manufacturer: Roland

description: 4-axis mill
model: Modela MDX-40a
manufacturer: Roland

description: micro spot welder


: 3D Scanner
model: 2020i
manufacturer: NextEngine

: Microscribe 3D
model: 3DLX
manufacturer: Immersion
specifications: work space 66 sphere


description: 3D scanner
model: Sense cubify
manufacturer: 3D Systems



description: 3D scanner
model: VIVID 910
manufacturer: Konica Minolta

description: Precision wafering diamond saw
model: IsoMet 1000
manufacturer: Buehler
specifications: Variable Speed up to 975 RPM, 7" blade capacity, digital cross feed positioning
applications: sectioning for microscopy, wafering difficult-to-machine materials.

       description: 3D Printer model: Objet Eden260VS
manufacturer: Stratasys
specifications: Maximum Model Size: W255 mm x D252 mm x H200 mm (xyz)
W10.0" x D9.9" x H7.9" (xyz)
Resolution: 600 x 600 x 1600DPI (xyz) Layer Thickness: Horizontal build layers as fine as 16 microns (0.0006in.)


 description: 3D Printer
model: Elite
manufacturer: Dimension
specifications: Model material: ABSplus in ivory, white, black, red, olive green, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, blue or gray. Support material: Soluble Support Technology (SST)
Build Size: 203 x 203 x 305 mm (8 x 8 x 12 in.)
Layer thickness: .178 mm (.007 in.) or .254 mm (.010 in.) of precisely deposited ABSplus model and support material


       description: 3D printer
model: Spectrum 510 color
manufacturer: Z-Corp

description: 3D printer
model: Form 2
manufacturer: Formlabs
specifications: 5.7 5.7 6.9 in

description: 3D printer
model: 3D WOX
manufacturer: Sindoh
specifications:210 x 200 x 195mm (8x8x8) PLA, ABS

   description: 3D printer
model: Ultimaker
specifications:Build size: 23 x 22,5 x 20,5 cm Model material PLA

       description: Sewing Machine
model: ellure
manufacturer: Baby Lock


Macro (meters)

description: High power Lasercutter
model: LMC10000
manufacturer: Beam Dynamics
specifications: 48"x48" cutting area, 12" vertical travel, 500W (1500W peak), .001" overall accuracy, 2000" in/min max cutting speed (3600" in/min max traverse speed)
applications:Cutting, marking, welding in metals, woods, plastics, fabrics, composites.

Speedy 100 flexx, laser engraver, CO2 and fiber

description: lasercutter
model: Speedy 100 Flexx
manufacturer: Trotec
specifications: 40W CO2 and 20W Pulsed fiber laser Working area 610 x 305 mm (24" x 12")
applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction

description: lasercutter
model: Speedy 400
manufacturer: Trotec
specifications: 80W CO2  Working area1000 x 610 mm (39" x 24")
applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction


LaserPro Spirit GLS

description: lasercutter
model: Spirit GLS
manufacturer: GCC LaserPro
specifications: 30W CO2  Working area 960 x 610 mm (38" x 24")
applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction

How to Use GCC Rotary Axis


description: lasercutter
model: X2 600
manufacturer: Universal Laser
specifications: 100W CO2 Working area 813 x 457 mm (32" x 18")
applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction


description: lasercutter
model: Legend EXT 36
manufacturer: Epilog
specifications: 120W CO2 Working area 914 x 609 mm (36" x 24")
applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction

description: vinylcutter
model: GX-24
manufacturer: Roland
applications: signs, pop-up cards, screen printing, flex circuits, antennas


Roland CAMMJet Pro II


description: waterjet
model: 2652 JetMachining Center
manufacturer: Omax
specifications: X-Y Travel 52" x 26" (1321 mm x 660 mm)
applications: cuts complex flat parts out of most materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and composites up to 6 thick directly from a CAD drawing or .DXF file.

description: precision 5-axis milling machine
model: VM10U
manufacturer: Hurco
specifications: X, Y, Z Axis Travel, inches: (mm) 21 x 16 x 19 (533 x 406 x 483); Table Size, inches (mm): ; 7.8 ( 198); Max Weight On Table, lbs (Kg): 330 (150); Max Part Diameter, inches (mm): 12.6 (320); Tools: 20; Positioning, inches (mm): 0.0002 (0.005); Repeatability, inches (mm): 0.0001 (0.0025)

description: precision wire-edm
model: SL-400G
manufacturer: Sodick
specifications: X, Y, Z Axis Travel, inches: (mm) 15.75 x 11.81 x 9.84 (400 x 300 x 250); Wire Diameter Range: 0.002" to 0.012"


description: Large format 5 axis milling machine
model: 5-axis
manufacturer: Shopbot
specifications: work area 82" X (864mm) x 34" Y (864mm) x 24" Z (610mm), Step resolution of .0004", Positional accuracy of +/- .002"
applications: Milling forms for molding, casting, and composites, Automated cutting, drilling, trimming.


description: 3 axis router/spindle
model: PRSalpha 120-60
manufacturer: ShopBot
specifications: 120" x 60" x 6" 3.05m x 1.52m x .20m Step resolution of .0004". Positional accuracy of +/- .002".

description: Collaborative robot arms
model: UR10 x 2
manufacturer: Universal Robotics
specifications: 6 degrees of freedom, Reach: 1300mm, Joint ranges: +-360 degrees, Payload: 10kg, Typical speed: 1 m/s, Repeatability: .1 mm
applications: Loading/palletizing, assembly, surface prep, welding, etc.

description: Vertical Milling Machine NC X Y Z  axis
Model: ProtoTRAK SMX CNC
  • Table Size-50" X 10"
  • Table Travel -32"
  • Saddle Travel-15.5"
  • Knee Travel:-16"
  • Ram Travel-24"
  • Maximum Quill Travel, machine-5"
  • Maximum Quill Travel, CNC 4.25
  • Quill Diameter-3 3/8"
  • Spindle Taper-R8

       description: Vertical Milling Machine NC X Y axis
model: Series 1 TRAK A.G.E 2 manufacturer: Bridgeport
Table size 9" x 42", Spindle speeds variable 60 - 4200 RPM , Spindle taper R-8,
Longitudinal travel 27", Cross travel 13", Knee travel 14", Quill travel 5", Motor 2 HP


description: CNC Lathe

model: Alpha 330S
specifications: Swing over bed  330mm  13", Swing over cross slide 210mm   8 1/4",
Height of centers 167mm  6 9/16", Bed length 635mm/1000mm  25" / 40"

description: Brake

description: Shear
manufacturer: Famco


description: Cold Saw

description: Horizontal Band Saw
model: K
manufacturer: kalamazoo

description: Industrial Sewing Machine
model: 1541-7
manufacturer: Juki
specifications: Walking foot, 3000 stitches/min, Thread #30 to #5, Max stitch length 9mm
applications: clothing, upholstry, inflatables, boats, kites

description: Vacuum Former
model: FM660
manufacturer: Formech
specifications: Deep Draw Capability (up to 16" depth)
Forming Area up to 24 inches square
Sheet Thickness up tp 1/4 inch thick


description: Instron
model: 5985
manufacturer: Instron
specifications: 250 kN (56,200 lbf) capacity, 1930 mm (76.0 in) vertical test space
applications: materials characterization, structural testing, extreme press-fitting

description: 20 Ghz network analyzer

description: 3 GHz digital oscilloscope


description:GPU Optimized Server
model: GPX XT24-2460V3-8GPU
manufacturer: Thinkmate/Supermicro
specifications: 8 GTX1080 GPUs, 16core E5-2460 CPU, 256GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2TBHDD
applications: Deep Learning, GPU Accelerated computations, Rendering

description: cluster computer
model: Sun Fire x2200
manufacturer: Sun
specifications: 25 dual quad-core Opterons
applications: computationally intensive design and modeling


description: Multipoint Control Unit
model: 8000 chassis, 8050 supervisor, two 8510 and one 8710 MCUs
manufacturer: Cisco
specifications: 160 video ports
applications: distributed classes, meetings, conferences

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description: Physical vapor deposition


manufacturer: Edward

specifications: 1nm - 1um thin film deposition (Ag, Au, Al, Cu)

applications: Metal thin film deposition


description: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)