MAS 862 The Physics of Information Technology Neil Gershenfeld with Joe Jacobson, Seth Lloyd, Ike Chuang, Ben Vigoda, Yael Maguire
text: The Physics of Information Technology students 2/13 statistical mechanics, information theory 2/21 fields and waves 2/27 models of computation, computational complexity and universality 3/06 circuits and antennas 3/13 device physics, scaling 3/20 circuit and system design principles, analog logic 4/03 thermodynamics of computation, low-power logic 4/10 error correction, fault tolerance, threshold theorems 4/24 error correction in fabrication, fabricational complexity 5/01 cellular automata models and machines 5/08 quantum information and computation 5/15 computation in nature, computation and cosmology 5/22 final projects