In honor of this week, I wrote the following parody of the popular song Let It Go, from Disney’s Frozen. Play the following clip and sing along!

Without further ado,

Let It Smoke

A struggle and eventual triumph with embedded programming, in song

Something’s not right in the fab lab tonight
Not a smile to be seen
There’s a lot of consternation
And nothing looks like it’s clean…

I’ve soldered all day and my brain has long since fried
Couldn’t make it work, heaven knows I tried…

Is the solder clean; is it shiny?
Something's wrong with my FabISP!
Does it have power? I just don’t know…
This really blows…

Let it smoke, let it smoke,
Can’t fix it anymore 
Let it smoke, let it smoke,
I guess this board's done for!

I don’t care
If I’m here all day!
Let the smoke come out…
I'm just making a new board anyway

It’s funny how just one bug
Can make nothing work at all
And the root of my frustration
Is just something that’s so small!

It seems there’s nothing I can do
I think the circuit just hates you
No power, no luck, no LED…
For me!

Let it smoke, let it smoke,
Time to kiss this board goodbye!
Let it smoke, let it smoke,
I'll give it another try!

I guess I'll stay
in the lab all day!
Here I go again…

Oh, it looks like I’ve hooked up 5 volts to the ground
This is just another problem of many that I've found
But maybe the board will finally work at last
Let's see some magic smoke, I'll just test it out real fast!

No more smoke! No more smoke!
There’s power to the ISP
No more smoke! No more smoke!
I see a blinking LED!

I can't believe…
this just feels so great
But come next week…
I know I'll just be screwed another way.

If you don’t have Idina Menzel’s vocal range, or if you’re a guy, you may want to sing this lower pitch version instead: