H T Ma A
week 1


Considering the full scope of the techniques that will be addresses in the HTMaA course, It was suggested that students should think of an initial proposal for a final project. My initial idea, was to conceive an object/tool that could be part of my future studio practice at ACT. Recently, I have been reflecting about the coexistence of contemporary realities marked by abyssal differencies in terms of the daily life experience. I have often visited a remote rural region in Brazil in which many of its inhabitants have never left the area. The only contact most of the population have with other realities, such as the daily life in a metropole, is through television or Internet. On the other hand, an inhabitant of a big urban center might not think that half of the world's population still do not have access to internet at home, and that many have never seen or being in touch with many technological devices that many people take for granted in their daily life. How much are we aware of the immensely diverse contexts in which human beings are living at the same time in history? In this regard, I thought of producing an artistic work that be a collection of histories, perspectives, testimonies, about whatever people would like to say (or not) about how they perceive their own reality. In addition to that, I would like to make videos, to capture the textures of the physical place, using only medium and small close-ups, not to reveal any specific identity. To collect the histories and testimonies I thought of building an object - maybe a wooden suitcase, or even something with another exterior form – that would house an audio recorder and a speaker, both embedded in the same object/device. I understand that this proposal in itself is not innovative in terms of producing new technologies, but conceptually it is important for the project that both recorder and speaker are embedded in the same object, for them to travel together as one object as well as for this technological devices to look like an object itself and not just like an technological known apparatus.


For this week assignment I decided to try out 3d modeling and rendering software I have never used before. So, I went through Antimony, Freecad and Fusion 360. Antimony was the first one I tried, I felt really instigated by its interface and by how to model and design using graphs and associating forms and parameters. It was a very interesting software to explore, but not that intuitive for me, so I ended up with some difficulties to fully model what I intended to. It seems worth to learn deeper if I have more time in the future.

Secondly, I have tried Freecad, but found the interface quite challenging. After that, I have also tried out Fusion 360. Probably, because I have already used other Autodesk software before, this was the most intuitive for me. Although it was quite rigid for some procedures, I found it a pretty good software to work with. It was also very nice to model and render the designed object in the same software.