H T Ma A
week 13

Networking and Communication

This week's assignment was to design, build, and connect wired or wireless node(s) . I decided to work with Bluetooth radio communication as I will use Bluetooth communication in my final project. I started with Neil's RN4871 (2.4 GHz Bluetooth) board, available at our class website. Following the steps from the electronics design week and according to Neil's design., I have milled and soldered the board.

With the help from Rae Yuping, I have programmed the board in Arduino, using the following commands:

- type $$$ [ENTER]
- a command prompt appears
- To set up the device name as my name, I used the following commands:
- S-,MyDevice : set serialized bluetooth name
- SN,DeviceName : set device name
- type + [ENTER] to turn on ECHO
- type SS:C0 [ENTER] to set default services : Support device info and - - UART Transparent service
- type R,1 to reboot (need after a set command)