HTM(a)A Arch Section Group Work

Interface and Application Programming

The group assignment was: to compare as many tool options as possible.

Our group discussed 3 tools: Open Frameworks, Javascript, and Processing. Each ultimately decided to use one based on how familiar they were with the tool.
Gil is using Open Frameworks, an open source C++ platform. Open Frameworks is geared towards creative coding and has a great ecosystem of things people have done. Performance seems better compared to other tools.

Maya is considering Processing or Javascript. Javascript has a big existance on the web, so it is easy to find something and modify. Javascript has a steep learning curve, so it may be difficult to start a code from scratch. Benefit/drawback is can be used on any browser, but it has to be used on a browser.

Omar and Jordan are running Processing. It was chosen due to its compatibility/similarity to Arduino. One small challenge is that it is written in Java while Arduino is in C.

Our general conclusion is that there are many tools that can achieve the same thing. We realized immediately that we did not know enough to make any definitive conclusions, but this was a helpful discussion.