week 3

CNC Machining

Sept 29, 2020

This weeks assignment was to make something big with the CNC Router machines and OSB sheets

I have a 3D printer in my living room and I have been thinking about building an enclousure for it for a while. The enclousure would serve three purposes.

  1. Keep the printer and filament dustfree
  2. Reduce the noise a little
  3. If I put in a suction fan along with an air duct that opens outside the apartment, I can use it to pull away any VOC's released during the printing process.
I decided to create a parametically designed enclousure that can hold a 3d printer but I can also make another one in future for a CNC PCB mill or another 3d printer.

The features I wanted in the enclousure were:

  • easy to assemble and fabricate
  • parametric design to be able to print other enclousures in future
  • not too heavy, not too light
  • rigid construction
  • hinged door with a transparent window
I designed the enclousure in Fusion360 in a way that the width, depth, height and material thickness can be modified. I added 3d printed hinges and a latch for the door, for the transparent window, I used a polycarbonate sheet I had at home.

After this I went to the shop in the morning to use the shopbot, I checked the thickness of the stock, changed the thickness parameter in the model accordingly, then laid out the shapes on a canvas and used the shopbot machine to cut all pieces from a 8x4 sheet of OSB.

After this I will be finishing the pieces, assmble the door and hinges and paint the enclosure.