week 5

Electronics Production

Oct 13, 2020

This week was PCB milling and assembly of clank, a PCB milling machine kit developed by Jake from CBA.

I was able to assemble clank successfully, following the tutorials, it took almost 8 hours to complete the assembly. after this I followed the tutorials on facing the build plate and then proceeded to mill my first PCB

After this I faced a few issues with the software, my clank would stall once in a while in the middle of a job and then I would have to start over again, I realised that if i stay on the clank tab in the browser and make sure to not let it go without any activity, the problem doesnt happen. After a few tries I was able to mill a board correctly

After this I soldered the components I could find in the homelab kit.

I used the v bit for carving the tracks, because of the shape, any change in z height caliberation affected the width of the material it milled out.