week 6

Electronics Design

Oct 20, 2020

This week we learned how to design electronics circuit, create schematic and PCB board layouts and produce the boards with clank milling machine

I chose to learn Eagle Cad as the design platform since I already use Fusion360 and eagle it well integrated with it. I also found the interface easier (After working with it for a few days, I am now questioning that choice!). I followed a few tutorials on the web as well as the class tutorial and proceeded to design the schematic.

I chose to use the attiny1614 microcontroller as it seemed easier to work with, later on I would like to explore ARM based microcontrollers.

After the Schematic, I went ahead with the PCB layout design, after completing the layout, I exported a png file of the board. I used this file to create a G-code file using mods

I had exported the image from eagle at 1000dpi but for some reason, in mods, I had to manually change the resolution to 2000, it worked but I dont know why.

After this I faced a few issues with the software, my clank would stall once in a while in the middle of a job and then I would have to start over again, I realised that if i stay on the clank tab in the browser and make sure to not let it go without any activity, the problem doesnt happen. After a few tries I was able to mill a board correctly

After milling the board, I soldered the components, unfortunately, I ended up soldering the attiny in the wrong orientation so I had to unsolder all legs and then solder it the right side up. In this process some of the copper traces came off and I used a thin wire in some places to make the connections. After making the connections I did a conductivity check on all pins and it worked fine.