Week 11: Interface design

For this week, our assignment is to make an interface for one of our input or output boards, so I decided to make a game (game might be a strong word) for the thermistor board I made for input devices week

I used a library built on pygame 7(!?) years ago to build a gaze-contingent eye-tracking experiment, but it was before I knew anything about coding so I thought it would be fun to revisit pygame and maybe be able to understand anything I was doing.

I wanted to incorporate the heat angle of the thermistor into the game, so the obvious solution was a game where you can melt virtual ice cream through the power of electronics.

I would love to draw my own animations for this, but didn't have the time this week so I found a gif of melting ice cream here by Evan Hilton and extracted images to use for the game

Here it is in action:

and here's a link to the code