How To Make (almost) Anything

Applications were selected for MAS.863/4.140/6.943 (How to Make (almost) Anything) following the first class. Enrollment is regrettably limited by lab space, and hence is by permission. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, send a message to mas863admin at with a subject of "fab class application", briefly describing your fabrication background and interest in taking the course, your institutional status, and include a small picture (to help connect names with faces). There is no preferred response; each semester a balance is sought between beginner and expert, serious and silly, undergrad and grad, ... . Note that prior communication or pre-registration is not an application; you will receive an acknowledgement of your application. Because of the demand there is not room for listeners. All of the work from this semester will be shared through the class site, and the course will be taught next Fall 2022.

The course grade is based 80% on weekly assignments and 20% on a final project. The cutoff for submitting the former, and receiving materials for the latter, will be Dec. 4, preceding the final week of classes. Shop use following this date is intended to be for debugging rather than development. Grading evaluates familiarity with the relative roles of each of the skills covered, an ability to demonstrate and integrate their use, and awareness of how to master more advanced applications.