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Week 3

This week, I explored 3D printing and scanning.

3D scanning

I found a rubber duck in the lab and scanned it with the RevoPoint Photogrammetry Scanner. On the first try, the program RevoScan glitched and I ended up with a duck with two heads. This occured when I rotated the model to its side mid-scan, which the program is supposedly able to automatically adjust to.

I tried it again and eventually got a reasonable result.

3D printing

For some time, I struggled with the meaning of "subtractively" and eventually came up with the following formal definition:

The simplest thing that came to mind: macaroni!

I used PrusaSlicer to prepare the gcode for the Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Printer. The settings were PLA filament, 0.30mm thickness, 20% infill. The first few prints were too small and did not stick to the bed, but after some scaling, the print came out nicely without any support.

Tips for the week