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Week 9

This week, I explored output devices.

LED strip

There are three connections for an LED strip: 5V, Ground, Data. The data pin can be either analog or digital. I tried to use my breakout board from Week 8, which has a SAMD11C chip, with the FastLED library. This gave me an error, which read that the SAMD11C is not compatible with the library. So, I decided to make a SAMD21E17 breakout board, which it said would be supported.

Then, upon using the same example sketch, I got the same error! Nathan recommended that I use the Adafruit NeoPixel library instead. This still did not work, so I worked backwards. I got rid of the strip and did a simple LED on the same pin to see if the pin was working. This worked. Upon several back and forths, the LED strip started working out of nowhere.

Tips for the week