Peter Schmidt-Nielsen

I did stuff on multiple weeks, and I hope to push everything I did*, but the fun ones are:

Lattice Gas Simulator

The code is here.
You can watch a simulation run on YouTube here:
This code is full of Makefile switchable stuff, and lots of cruft left over from little bits of various tests.
I could document the whole thing, but that would take a very long time.
I feel bad about unleashing code this messy on the world, so I make the following offer to the whole world as penance:
Anyone may recieve support on modifying or using this code at any time by contacting me by one of the following methods:

1) Email peter DOT schmidt HYPHEN nielsen YOU KNOW THE SYMBOL THAT GOES HERE cba DOT mit DOT edu.
2) Call the phone number: 11*71, 5*5*13, 11*283

If you call sometime between 12 and 2 (24-hour time, and therefore a 14 hour slice) I will probably be awake enough to explain any of the horrors of the code.
Disclaimer: I only offer support for code I write in English, although if contacted between 20 and 23 I can potentially also answer queries in Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish via a native speaker.

* Neil says: Updating the class page is not an aspirational goal!