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1. Find the minimum of the Rosenbrock function using...

a) Downhill Simplex (Nelder Mead)

My Python 2.6 source code (uses numpy and matplotlib), which finds the minimum of the two-dimensional Rosenbrock function from an arbitrary starting point, and then plots the function and the simplex path to the minimum. The definition of the function happens and the initialization and running of the algorithm (contained in a class) occurs here. It's fairly robust with respect to the starting point and the initial size of the simplex

b). Other Method

2. Spin Glass

a) Simulated Annealing

b) Genetic Algorithm

Folder containing C# project source. The real source code of interest is here, and all code to create the Windows form that everything runs in is here. The best thing to do for C#, I think, is to download MIcrosoft's VIsual C# Express IDE and open the .sln file using it.