Kimball Kaiser


21.03.10 Warm Ups

While I do have some experience in digital fabrication, I have limited experience in programming and electronics. Therefore, to try and catch up I have started a few different self-iniatiated excercises to get introduced to somethings. In order to practice some programming, I went ahead and bought an Arduino UNO along with a bread board to start running some programs.

I started very simply, just by making the integred LED on the Arduino board light up. After that I made a few LEDs light up at different intervals with the help of a button. Here is the simple code I wrote for that here:

I also then went the through process of milling my own pcb. I picked up KiCad to produce a design by watching Zach's old tutorial from last semester. After that I headed over to the shop to actually cut the pcb. I successfully cut the pcb on the mill, but have yet to see if it actually works properly. I hope to test a board that I have milled soon.